Fashion Blogs 101

by jessicaashxo

Beginning a business blog for your company is a quick and powerful way to increase traffic to your company’s website. Nearly every company that submits a post to their active blog can attract a targeted audience interested in the products, services or information the company provides or in my case fashion. Additionally, a business blog with well-written content can generate a higher ranking in search engines. The higher the rank, the more likely interested online users will be able to find the blog, that will lead them to the main site.

One of the main benefits of blogging specifically in the fashion industry is keep up with season’s trends and updates. The world of fashion blogs is of its own existence, today to count there are quoted to be “432,000” fashion blogs. However 71% of these blogs are independent individual opinion and the other 32% are linked to fashion Retail Company’s.

  • The Company Brand – It is important for every fashion/retail company to establish and expand their voice and brand and essentially their opinions. An effective, well-written blog is an easy way to develop a knowledgeable, “human” voice for the company. Creating a conversational tone is a simple way to promote the business brand and or designers. Blogging helps establish trust.
  • Customer Interactivity – Fashion Company bloggers create an inviting place to generate instant dialogue with their customers and clients or fans. It offers an intimate space where visitors can leave feedback and comment concerning the bloggers thoughts, ideas and content. The visitors can also share their own stories or comments and images about the successes or experiences of using the company’s products and services.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Many companies use business blogging to optimize search engine results for their main website. Using strategies designed to enhance the rankings of searches; a company blog can validate and support their online website along with the blog itself. Companies that develop a blog that speaks directly to the services and products the business provides will verify the online presence of both sites.