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Month: February, 2013

Top 10 Fashion Trends For Spring 2013

The year is just zooming by and what’s on every fashionista`s mind, what’s upcoming and must haves for spring 2013. From all the street style and runway updates, I will feature what my fashion must have’s are, and what has caught my eye from all my fashion creeping over the past few months.

  • Graphic prints stole the street style show at Spring 2013 fashion week, but that doesn’t mean designers weren’t on the same page. Marc Jacobs use Mickey Mouse on crop tops. Safe to say there will be some graphic content in the spring timeImage.
  • You better be ready to bare it all in the spring because the crop top reigned supreme on the runways. Fitted bralettes were spotted in Toronto at Pink Tartan as well as in Paris at Miu Miu, making it a look to watch out for. Sit ups start…now.Image
  • The suit was huge during Fall 2012 Fashion Week and the trend has carried on into the spring. Instead of geometric prints, designers have opted for more monochromatic takes on the power suit and made them in bold colours to punch up the loo.Image
  • Mixed prints is often one of the most feared fashion risks, that’s why we see dare devil taking risks.Image
  • Tone on tone looks kept popping up in street style photos as well as many runways.Image
  • Accessories on the Spring 2013 runways were unmissable. From the out of this world Hoola Hoop bag at Chanel to the furry slipper shoes at Celine to the toe socks at Prada– were shown that accessories are major for Spring. Image
  • If baring your midriff isn’t an ideal Spring trend for you (we’re with you) then the sheer trend may be better. From see through bags at Burberry to geometric square heels at Balenciaga, the peek a boo trend is an easy one to embrace.Image
  • Carrying on with the monochromatic look, designers and street stylers were seeing red. The bold colour stood out on the runways and caught the eye of street style photographers.Image
  • There was a definite blast from the past on the Spring runways–Marc Jacobs brought back Edie Segwick and Joe Fresh created clothing for a 60s astronaut girl. The 60s will be alive again in 2013.Image
  • Continuing on with the structure that we saw in the Fall, structure is still going strong. Full skirts and sharp exaggerated line on jackets will be carrying us on straight into next fall, we’re sure.Image

I Digg New York Fashion Week

I have chosen this article to Digg on New York Fashion Week….

There is just so much to say, read, talk about when it comes to New York Fashion week, I have decided to focus my post on this article specifically because I found it give the best description as if you are really there. Being able to read and walk through as if it was you.

For many fashion lovers including myself, being able to attend New York Fashion week would be a dream come true. However for now I’m am content living through TV specials and update via internet. I want to feature the Zac Posen show, as he is one of my favorite American designers. He focused and featured “ready to wear” fashion straight from the runway and i could not agree more. The mixture of colours, depth of textures and the pairings are just out of this world remarkable. If I had to suggest taking something away from my post, it would be to mix match. This season is all about mixed patterns and colours don’t be afraid to switch things up. What you got to lose.